A bike fit manages the forces of cycling in the easiest and most efficient ways possible. We will put force into the areas of the body that are most capable of dealing with them and avoid putting forces into areas that struggle to cope with them. Anyone can benefit from a bike fit from an absolute beginner to a seasoned pro. Just because you don't feel pain while cycling doesn't mean you're in the most optimal position!


No two cyclists are the same either physically or with their goals in cycling and as such we don't use generic rules or software which apply standard 'rules' to your position. We use a much more personal system of bike fitting correlating physiological effects with human sensations and visual motion cues. This human assessment-based way of fitting means the fit will be completely specific to your body and your cycling goals whether that be racing or endurance riding.
It is important to understand that bike fitting is a continuous process. It will take three weeks for your body to adapt and learn new muscle motions and it's likely we'll need to see you again to re-assess the fit.

Cleat fit

After a consultation, we will look at your cleat alignment and medial/ lateral knee offset. We will assess plyometric & postural positions, look at calf engagement and optimise your position for acceleration vs efficiency.

Full Bike Fit
£100 Introductory Offer! 

We will work with you to find your most optimal position on the bike for the riding YOU want to do. We will look at everything in the cleat and saddle fit as well as: Extension of the legs and saddle height, pelvic and spinal flexion and saddle position, anterior and posterior restriction of the hips and hamstrings, the extension of the shoulders/arms and bar height and reach, balance point relative to intensity, limb alignment i.e foot separation, cleat rotation, bar width and hood position and ergonomics such as saddle, shoes and bar shapes. 

Saddle Fit

We will measure your sit bone width and recommend saddles for your cycling goals and ambitions. You will test ride a range of saddles from Fizik, Specialized and Pro. Once you've found a saddle that works for you then you have 30 days to ride the saddle on your bike to make sure it's the one for you! 

Get in touch today to book your bike fit. We'll get to know you, your riding style and goals and advise which level of the fit we think is most appropriate.