At The Ark Cycles you aren’t restricted to the parts that manufacturers fit at the factory. Using our experience we can help design and build you a bike tailored to meet your own individual needs, preferences and measurements.


At The Ark Cycles we know that the little details go a long way. This is why very few bikes leave us without being personalised in some way to suit the individual rider, whether it’s no-cost tailoring of factory specification bikes, component upgrades for improved performance or comfort, or complete custom builds. So what do we mean by tailoring, upgrades and custom builds?



We can tailor your new or existing bikes to really make it your own! The areas we tailor are shown in the diagram below.​

  • Stem length. We can lengthen or shorten the stem to gain a more aggressive or a more relaxed, comfortable position. 

  • Handlebar width. We can adjust handlebars to align to the width of your shoulders. We can increase or decrease the drop to suit your flexibility.

  • Tyre width. We can help you select the appropriate width to suit the terrain you are riding, the puncture protection you require or the speed you desire.

  • Crank length. This is an interesting topic. Longer cranks provide more leverage, while shorter cranks can support increased flexibility and the option to improve your aerodynamics on the bike.

  • Gear ratios. Just tell us your requirements and we can set the bike gearing to ease the strain on the terrain you're riding on.

  • Saddles. These are very personal, and we have the tools to give you a saddle fit to provide all day riding comfort.










If the standard specification is not quite for you, then let's talk upgrades. We want you to love your bike. We have a vast amount of experience across our team on all disciplines to advise you on an extensive range of upgraded components from some of the biggest brands such as Hope, Burgtec, Ritchey, Zipp and more.

Custom specification


Purchasing a new bike can involve a significant investment, especially at the premium end of most ranges.  So why not consider a full custom build, where every part is specified by you to meet your specific preferences and needs?

Around 25% of our bikes are fully custom built, and when compared to high-end brochure specifications the costs can often be highly competitive, while at the same time giving you exactly what you want.