We bring you a range of cutting edge electric bikes from top manufacturers. These include functional hybrids with racks and mudguards capable of road and light off road use, electric road bikes to give you a helping hand up your local climbs and e-mountain bikes built to tear up the local woods and bike parks.


We’re going to flatten your climbs and make you laugh in the face of headwinds with Specialized's first ever Turbo road bike. This mighty cocktail of light weight, power, range, and connectivity will turn you into a monster in the saddle. Nothing else on the road comes close. This is the future of performance. Turbo Creo SL—It’s You, Only Faster.

FROM £4249



Gain was designed to enhance your ride, not dominate it. The Enough Power and Enough Energy concepts result in an exceptionally lightweight, sportive and rideable bike – a machine that heeds the call of the open road. Gain embraces your sweat and hard work and works in unison with your efforts to tick off the kilometers.


System interfaces are modern, integrated and sleek. There are no bulky components to reduce the riding experience, distractions have been minimized so it’s just you, Gain and the hours ahead.

FROM £1999

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