Specialized used every ounce of experience they've gained serving riders over the past 46 years and built a bike made simply for the love of riding. When they set out on this project, they promised that they would make a bike that elevated the moments when humans and machines become one, when you lose yourself dancing up a climb or carving through a turn. Well, they did it, and in keeping that promise, broke every design, ride, and race rule along the way. 

Builds from 5.9KG


Turns out, this bike may be *illegal in some circles. With Aethos, Specialized chased ride quality, not a number, but they know a light, stiff, and balanced bike is magic at the pedals. The result? The lightest disc road frame ever produced with builds as light as 5.9kg, and all with the telepathic handling, response, and stiffness targets you’ve come to expect from every bike they make (*Psst…don’t tell the UCI).



A frame’s shape is what drives the vast majority of a bike’s performance. Through their obsessive simulation, Specialized learned that tubes with subtle, elongated conical sections - aka Continuous Curvature Design strategy - deliver the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio ever tested.

Carbon Wizardry


This discovery of shape driving performance then gave us the opportunity to improve the ride quality delivered by material and layup. We were able to eliminate traditional stiffness layers, reducing the plies necessary to build the bike by 11% compared to a Tarmac SL6. Utilizing longer, unbroken plies, every fiber is structural and reduces weight substantially. This ensures that the only thing along for the ride is you.

What do we think? 

"With 2 staff members aboard this machine we have put down several thousand miles and the result has left us more in love with the road than ever before! Its simplicity, beautiful ride, and lightweight, it’s perfection!! That’s something to behold from someone that’s owned over 50 bikes! She’s a keeper."
- Sean T


Available to pre-order from spring 2022

Aethos Comp 2022


Sizes 56cm, 58cm and 61cm in stock NOW!
More sizes are available to pre-order.

Designed to offer the finest possible ride quality, the Specialized Aethos Comp Rival AXS Disc Road Bike boasts incredible versatility by excelling in gran fondos, fast group rides and, most importantly, long and challenging café rides.

The full FACT 10r carbon frameset uses a sophisticated material layup within refined, traditionally profiled tubes to heighten pedalling efficiency while keeping the weight super-low. The advanced design of the frameset blends equal measures of front and rear stiffness with extra vertical compliance to result in a superior feel when out on the road, whether climbing, descending or pushing the pace on the flat.

The lively, strong DT Swiss wheels have broad internal rim measurements to help improve tyre comfort and grip and are driven by the SRAM Rival AXS gear set up. These gears use their wireless electronic format to deliver crisp, accurate and reliable shifts every time of asking. The matching SRAM hydraulic disc brakes promise confidence-inspiring stopping power in all conditions, while the Roval Alpinist carbon seatpost dampens road vibrations and keeps the build weight down. A Specialized Power saddle, handlebar and stem complete the bike with comfort and style.

Aethos Expert 2022


Size 54cm and 58cm in stock NOW!
More sizes are available to pre-order.

The Specialized Aethos Expert Disc Road Bike comprises the brand’s FACT 10r carbon that’s laid in a sophisticated format across traditional round tube sections to deliver exceptional lateral stiffness, low weight, strength and a classy aesthetic. Additionally, the lateral stiffness is perfectly blended with precise levels of vertical compliance across the front and rear of the frameset to grant a balanced and poised sensation, while a race-inspired geometry positions the rider powerfully over the pedals.


These frameset traits combine to promote a stunning ride character that surges up climbs and descends on rails during hard-fought group rides to the favourite café stop.

Roval C38 wheels are light, aerodynamic and stable in crosswinds and can be dressed in plush, grippy, 32mm wide tyres when the road surfaces are poor, thanks to the frameset’s generous amounts of clearance. Driving the wheels, the Shimano Ultegra R8100 gear setup shifts flawlessly every time of asking via its sophisticated semi-wireless, electronic configuration. Hydraulic disc brakes take care of the stopping duties, performing with admirable levels of power and control, even during inclement weather.

Aethos Pro 2022


Size 54cm and 58cm in stock!
More sizes available to pre-order from spring 2022

Blending low weight, pedalling efficiency, comfort and traditional aesthetics, the Specialized Aethos Pro eTap AXS Disc Road Bike offers an inspirational quality, heightening the enjoyment of any ride. The conventional, round frame tube sections are realised in a sophisticated layup of FACT 10r carbon to realise a lofty stiffness to weight ratio and excellent vertical compliance. The frame's rigidity and comfort are perfectly balanced across the front and rear of the design, regardless of the frame size, to elicit a reactive and composed ride sensation.

Frameset-to-tyre clearance for up to 32mm tyres affords the opportunity of extra plushness over extremely rough road surfaces, while a geometry borrowed from the brand's Tarmac SL7 race bike positions the rider powerfully and efficiently over the drivetrain. The drivetrain comprises SRAM Force eTap AXS 12-speed components that shift with precision and reliability via their wireless electronic configuration. Additionally, this drivetrain incorporates a power meter into its chainset, allowing accurate tracking of training and Strava KOM attempts.

Roval Alpinist CL wheels are light and nimble performers, increasing the bike's speed on steep climbs and sinuous descents. These wheels are stopped by the hydraulic disc brakes, which inspire confidence in all weather conditions thanks to their powerful and controlled actuation.

Must-have accessories!



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"The Aethos Comp’s understated looks will appeal to many, its SRAM wireless shifting worked impeccably and the frame is one of the lightest you can buy."

- BikeRadar

"The Aethos is virtually the perfect bike, from its razor handling to incredible climbing."


"The Specialized Aethos is excellent, offers a truly remarkable ride and it doesn’t like to shout about it. Plus, it feels like it can pound the blacktop day in, day out without any complaint from the bike or rider."