Carbon unlike any others


 Time are at the forefront of carbon fibre manufacture and bike production. They utilise two unique processes, Braided Carbon Structure and Resin Transfer Molding to build immensely strong, light and stable bikes. Time are one of the only bike companies in the world to produce frames in this way - a way that is used in aerospace, elite motorsports and the automotive industry.

Why Time?

Designed and hand made in Europe

We’re proud of our European foundations. Our bikes are, and always have been imagined, designed and made solely in Europe. It may not be the easiest or most financially profitable approach but we challenge ourselves to create bikes to the highest possible standards.


Dyneema Carbon

Dyneema® fiber is 15x stronger than steel at the same weight, with a tensile strength up to 43 cN/dtex. Dyneema® fiber is so light that it floats on water and furthermore has a very high modulus (resistance against deformation).

Compared to other generic HMPE fibers, bio-based Dyneema® emits 29 tonnes less CO2 per metric ton of fiber produced. This is the equivalent CO2 released by charging 3.7 million smartphones, or the amount of CO2 absorbed by growing 480 tree seedlings for 10 years.

Unmatched Compliance

Perfection woven into every strand

Braided Carbon Structure is our term for the weaving of fibres into complex bi-directional ‘socks.’ These tubes are easy to tune with different materials – TIME currently choses from 16 filaments to perfectly tailor their layups.

This process allows something that is unheard of in the cycling world; continuous, unbroken fibres that run the full length of a structure. It’s easy to imagine the integrity of many layers of uninterrupted woven fibres running through a steerer tube and being integrated into a fork crown and even down the fork legs with minimal overlapping joints. Contrast this with standard prepreg layup where the edge of every carbon sheet is a potential weakness.

Neutralize road buzz

Aktiv Fork Dampening 

Specially designed by TIME using proven vibration reduction engineering techniques similar to those used in F1 and automotive designs, the AKTIV Fork conceals an innovative tuned mass damper that neutralizes a measure of road noise before it travels to your hands and arms.

Built-in flex

Locking in unparalleled quality

The Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process is ubiquitous in aerospace and high-end automotive applications but it’s almost unheard of in cycling. The RTM process turns the soft, dry fibre frame layup into a solid, strong and flexible bike frame. The way time do it greatly reduces the potential for defects within the structure and enables us to create superior frames.


Available to pre-order from spring 2022



Frameset Only

Special order only!


This exceptional bike is more than a match for its namesake climb clinging to the slopes above the Bourg d’Oisans valley. To tackle mythical ascents everywhere, we’ve created a legendary bicycle – at under 900g, the Alpe d’Huez 01 is the lightest frame TIME has produced. A simple look at the scale, however, doesn’t reveal the agility and comfort of this remarkable machine. By blending Vectran© fiber with high-strength and high-modulus carbon, we’ve orchestrated the perfect balance of mass, rigidity and deflection – the key ingredients for a climbing virtuoso.

• High Performance Road Racing 

• BCS, RTM and Vectran© Technologies

• Forged Carbon Dropouts

• Disc or Rim Versions

• AKTIV or Standard Fork

• Seatpost Included

• Six Sizes




Frameset Only

Special order only!


To make lightweight performance more versatile and accessible, we created the Alpe d’Huez 21. Instead of the Vectran© fibres used in the Alpe d’Huez 01, this frame blends Basalt filaments with a smaller proportion of high-modulus carbon and a greater amount of high-strength carbon. The modified layup targets comfort and smooth the ride while retaining a pleasantly refined acceleration and impeccable handling. If the Alpe d’Huez 01 is our two-seat supercar, the Alpe d’Huez 21 is a V10 performance sedan.

• High-Performance Road and Endurance

• BCS and RTM Technologies

• Forged Carbon Dropouts

• Disc or Rim Versions

• AKTIV or Standard Fork

• Six Sizes




Frameset Only

Special Order Only!

TIME’s debut gravel bike has quickly notched several victories – our ADHX (Alpe d’Huez X) is the first of its kind to incorporate Bio-Based Dyneema®, the World’s Strongest Fiber®, to build a better performing machine. It’s the first to utilize braided carbon structure (BCS) manufacturing, a TIME exclusive that outperforms traditional carbon prepreg construction in almost every way by incorporating several types of fiber into each multidirectional braid. The ADHX is first in quality and tolerance control thanks to our highly accurate resin transfer moulding (RTM) process and is manufactured entirely in the EU using one of the most sustainable manufacturing processes in the industry. TIME’s first performance gravel offering is more than a cursory nod – in many ways the arrival of the ADHX makes it the clear leader in a very crowded field – with pedigree to spare, an iconic look and an attitude eager to make a splash.

• High Performance Gravel/Allroad

• BCS, RTM and Dyneema® technologies

• DEDA S DCR Headset for Semi and Fully-Integrated Systems

• Top Tube Mounting Point

• Forged Carbon Dropouts

• 38-40C Tire Clearance

• Five Sizes