We have changed the way we work and have introduced a range of new quality focused service plans. We have also welcomed new mechanic Jay to work alongside Mike, so we can now spend more time on your bike, not just to get it working but to make it feel special again! 
Call 01453 884 738 during our opening hours to book your service.
Choose from a range of services below.

Standard Service £75


This service includes the brakes service plus gear tune plus safety check. In addition, your bicycle will be cleaned, the drivetrain degreased, lubricated. The aim of this service is to make sure your bike is road safe and working in good order. 

Premium Service £200

Offer -Free MUC-OFF bundle included worth £60 in this service.

This service includes everything from the standard service and in addition, we strip your bike down to the frame, clean and service the bottom bracket, headset and hub bearings. New cables are installed and included within the service price unless you have opted for a specific set. Our aim with this service is to give you that new bike feeling again! 

Premium Full Sus Service £250

Offer -Free MUC-OFF bundle included worth £60 in this service.

This service includes everything from the premium service with additional time taken to remove and replace your pivot bearings. Please note bearings are NOT included in the price of the service.

Brakes Service £50

This service covers the bleeding of your bike's hydraulic brakes. Rotors will be trued, and callipers inspected and aligned where required. Brake pads will be replaced at an extra charge if needed to comply with our safety standards. Note that we only use the manufacturer's recommended fluids and genuine parts. 

Gear Tune £25

With this service we will adjust your bike's limit screws, align the mech hanger if necessary, check your drivetrain for wear and advise if any of these parts need replacing. The fitting of parts is included in the price of this service.

Safety Check £50

This service covers the basics to make sure your bike's bolts are tight, tyres at the correct pressure, brakes aligned, headset tightened and gears tuned. This service will have your bike ready to be fully appreciated again.


Puncture Repair from £16*

Tyre condition checked and any glass/flint etc removed. Inner tube replaced with new rim tape and tyre replaced if necessary. 

Wheel True from £20*

Wheel removed from bike, trued and tensioned. Any broken spokes are replaced as necessary.

Wheel Build from £50*

Please speak to a mechanic to discuss your wheel build requirements.

Headset Fitting from £20*

Removal of old headset, head tube cleaned and new headset installed. Crown race removed from forks and new one installed. If you need the head tube faced there'll be an additional charge of £20.

Bottom Bracket Fitting from £20*

Removal of old bottom bracket, shell cleaned and new bottom installed with anti-seize. If required, bottom bracket shell tapped or faced and there will be an additional charge of £20.

Hub Service from £25*

Hub stripped down, cleaned and inspected. Re-greased and new bearings and cones fitted if necessary.

Suspension servicing from £60*

Fork and shock servicing available – ask in store for details.

Bike Builds from £150*

Hourly Rate £50 per hour

For any other job you will be charged hourly.

* Parts are not included with service prices unless stated. You WILL be contacted with an estimate for additional parts that need replacing unless it is safety related in which case we will go ahead and replace these WITHOUT contacting you to meet our safety standards. 

Call 01453 884 738 during our opening hours to book your service.